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Our firm has a history of winning multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts across a variety of cases. Let us represent you and together, we’ll get you the compensation you deserve. We treat every case with the expectation of going to trial.
Below you will find some of our biggest cases.


Trucking Accident

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death of a 6-year-old child and traumatic amputation of the lower leg of father due to tractor-trailer due to unsafe trailer selection, loading configuration, and driver speed causing highway rollover crash. Total payout was...


Trucking Accident
Wrongful Death

Wrongful death of a 50-year-old woman killed by a truck driver operating

a tractor-trailer after hours. The truck driver was operation tractor-trailer after hours and in violation of the state-mandated curfew...


Product Liability Personal Injury

Products liability from a 21-year-old burn victim.


Trucking Accident

Wrongful Death

Traumatic brain injury to 20 year old motorcyclist resulting from truck driver making u turn midblock. 


Trucking Accident

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death of 52 year old woman due to truck driver disobeying stop sign.


Boating Accident
Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death 21 year old female in boating collision.


 $1.87M - Workers' Compensation 
A 50-year-old laborer fell from a scaffold causing ankle fracture requiring four surgeries.
$1.8M - Trucking Accident Wrongful Death
A 64-year-old female pedestrian struck by a medical van making a right turn on red causing traumatic brain injury requiring craniotomy.

$1.5M - Vehicle Accident Wrongful Death
Wrongful Death 54-year-old female when the vehicle ran stop sign (policy limits).

$1.5M - Sexual Assault
Prisoner sexual assault resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder.

$1.4M - Vehicle Personal Injury
A 68-year-old female pedestrian suffered lower leg degloving injury while CTA bus making the right turn.

$1.4M - Workers' Compensation
38-year-old ironworker working at Harold Washington Library Project when L Beam collapsed resulting in rotator cuff tear and 3 fractured ribs.

$1.3M - Workers' Compensation
45-year-old male construction worker injury.

$1.3M - Workers' Compensation
41-year-old Operating Engineer fell from Cherry Picker resulting in ankle fracture requiring surgery.

$1.2M - Vehicle Personal Injury
56-year-old CTA bus driver suffered bilateral rotator cuff tears requiring surgery when an auto driver ran a red light.

$1.1M - Motorcycle Personal Injury
A 43-year-old dentist struck by a motorist while riding a bicycle causing T-12 avulsion fracture (no surgery).

$775K - Workers' Compensation
35-year-old male cervical herniated disc requiring cervical fusion.

$750K - Vehicle Personal Injury
62-year-old male fractured hip requiring surgery resulting from an intersection collision. (Arbitration award)

$745K - Vehicle Personal Injury
A 54-year-old male suffered tibia-fibula fracture requiring surgery resulting from an intersection collision.

$725K - Personal Injury
A 53-year-old male suffered tendon requiring surgery resulting from waitress dropping water glass on hand.

$625K - Workers' Compensation
A 53-year-old male stabbed at work.

$600K - Workers' Compensation
HVAC construction worker electrocuted on the job.

$550K - Vehicle Personal Injury
A 54-year-old female suffered fractured elbow resulting from a driver failing to yield.

$500K - Vehicle Personal Injury
45-year-old male rear-end collision cervical herniated disc requiring surgery.

$400K - Personal Injury
48 year old tripped over carpet in department store suffering cervical herniated disc requiring surgery.

$370K - Personal Injury
83-year old suffered an injury in a store.

$350K - Workers' Compensation
A 39-year-old roofer had a knee replacement.

$300K - Assault
A 33-year-old female suffered a hand injury during an assault.

$200K - Vehicle Personal Injury
A 47-year-old male suffered three fractured toes in an auto collision.